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Evolution: The Hidden Agenda

This 55 minute film looks at evolution from a different perspective, that of the impact of the principles of evolution on our culture and thinking. It shows that the true battle is not taking place on a scientific level, this is a spiritual battle. This video points our a few areas in which the principles of evolution have changed how you think. For example, applying the principles of evolution means that people have no intrinsic value, and may actually be worth less than sheep, chickens, potatoes, or wheat. After all, they are just chemicals like us, but they don't harm the environment like we do. (This is actually taught in universities.) The result is that 8% of babies in the Netherlands are killed after they are born, and surveys show college freshmen are significantly more narcissistic and self-centered. After all, what else is there? It's all about me, and what I want.

Videos are available on YouTube. All of our videos may be freely copied and given away, as long as they are not modified. Available videos are:

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Evolution: The Hidden Agenda

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