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These are books and videos that can be given out as a way to share the gospel; or to give encouraging examples of others enthusiasm for evangelism; as well as to help you share the gospel with others.

Steve's Books

All of Steve's Books Share the Gospel

There is no point unless the gospel is proclaimed. We live in a crazy world, with things seemly getting worse year-after-year. People are turning to the government and the elites to save us. But, that's not the answer. The answer is the gospel, repenting and trusting Jesus Christ as your savior. All of Steve's book include a strong gospel presentation.

Children's Books

Jessup the Dinosaur: Bible Activity Book: Educational Adventures for 1st to 4th Grade

Jessup the Dinosaur: The Search: (Based on a the True Story of Noah)

Mrs. Bartlett And Her Class at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

"Mrs. Bartlett was a woman of intense force of character. She believed with all her heart, and therefore acted with decision and power. She flamed in determined earnestness at times when only fire could clear a path, and then there was no withstanding her, as her class very well knew." - Charles Spurgeon

In 1873 Mrs. Bartlett was asked to fill in as the teacher of a Sunday school class for older women. That first class had three women in it. Seven years later there were more than 700 women attending her class.

When she was younger she was known as the “prayer girl,” living a life of constant prayer. And she was also an evangelist, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ at every opportunity. In 1870 an article in New York Independent stated: “Conversions were numerous; and in the course of time, it became necessary to hold the sabbath-afternoon classes in a larger room.”

She was also a successful in business and a dedicated, loving mother. Yet she continually faced health problems. Charles Spurgeon wrote: “Amid all her abounding labors, Mrs. Bartlett was the subject of frequent pain and constant weakness. She had the energy of vigorous health, and yet was almost always an invalid. It cost her great effort to appear before her class on many occasions, but then she would often succeed best, as she pleaded with them, “as a dying woman” to be reconciled to God. “out of weakness were made strong,” was her continual experience.”

“Mrs. Bartlett was a choice gift from God to the Church at the Tabernacle, and the influence of her life was far-reaching, stimulating many others besides those who by her means were actually led to the Savior.” - Charles Spurgeon

Mrs. Bartlett's story is one of a Godly women... an example for all of us.

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Yale President Timothy Dwight, A Biography: Memoir of the Life of Timothy Dwight (1752-1817)

"Sometimes the good man, by the uncommon powers of his mind, by peculiar incidents in his life, by having exerted a commanding influence on the interests of the public, or by having acquired an unusual share in their affections; presents the most attractive subject of biography. That good man is Timothy Dwight."

The grandson of Jonathan Edwards, Timothy Dwight will doubtless be ranked among the first men in the history of our country. In the acquisition of knowledge, we have seen that the earliest efforts of his mind, even in infancy,were singular and extraordinary; and that his talents were as strongly marked at this early stage of his existence, as perhaps at any subsequent period of his life.

He learned the alphabet in a single lesson; and before he was four years old he was reading the Bible with ease, favoring the historical books. He was admitted as a student at Yale at 13 years of age. At 19 he was teaching at Yale.

However, what was most extraordinary was that when he started as president at Yale the school was in decline and students were rebellious and embracing sin. A few short years later enrollment had more than doubled and attendance at the College Church increased from three students to over 50% of the students.

Timothy Dwight was a teacher, pastor, and father to the students, and by the time of his death was known as the father to New England -- in spite of, for most of his life, being blind.

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