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About Steve

  • - Steve is the author of 10 Christian books, including two children's books;
  • - The editor of two Christian books;
  • - The author and two secular business (marketing) books;
  • - The general editor of the Encyclopedia of Labeling (as well as the author of many of the articles);
  • - The author of numerous magazine articles.
  • - Steve has produced over 120 Christian videos

Steve's first Christian book was RUN! It's Jesus Calling. A book that exposes the unbiblical nature of the Jesus Calling devotional. Focusing on scripture, Steve shows that Jesus Calling is a devotional book that should be avoided. His second book, "Happy Are The..." shows the path to happiness taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

Other books by Steve include:

- Should You RUN From Jesus Always?
- Sarah Young's Jesus Always Devotional EXPOSED!
- The Presence of God: The Story of Esther
- A Beginner's Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs
- 180 Humanist Accusations Against the Bible Answered Vol 1
- 180 Humanist Accusations Against the Bible Answered Vol 2

Children's Books

Jessup the Dinosaur: Bible Activity Book: Educational Adventures for 1st to 4th Grade
Jessup the Dinosaur: The Search: (Based on a the True Story of Noah)

Before becoming a Christian Steve spent decades "searching" for god, studying the major religions with the presupposition that all religions lead to god. Then, at the age of 49, God reached out, gave him a new heart and new eyes to see that Jesus... the true Jesus of the Bible, was the only way. Recognizing his sinful wretchedness, Steve repented and turned to Jesus alone as his Savior and Lord.

Steve is currently a missionary serving in the Pacific Northwest. He is also the executive director of the Move to Assurance (MTA) ministry. This ministry is involved in outreach, training, and apologetics. In addition, Steve heads the Dinosaurs For Jesus evangelism ministry. He has graduated from Multnomah Seminary where he earned a Certificate in Bible. He also has an engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Western New England University.

Steve is also currently involved in building the Dinosaur Tracker Museum -- The Story of Creation. Scheduled to open in 2021. It will be a "dinosaur tracking" experience designed to answer questions about Genesis and creation, while also leading visitors to the story of Jesus as foreshadowed by Noah's Ark.